Four styling tips from Jamie Azzopardi

Sydney-based celebrity stylist and culture blogger Jamie Azzopardi took some time, thanks to PayPal Pay in 4, to share some essential styling advice during the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Jamie has worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years and loves everything arts, food, and culture.

Check out his top four styling tips below:


Tip 1: Dress for the moment

Styling is all about dressing for the moment – in my world that means drawing inspiration from other art forms and visualising a look. I always say go big and then go home, and "big" can mean many things. This could mean colour in clothing or accessories, or even different silhouettes you’ve never tried before. Remain open to trying new things – if something doesn’t suit you, you can always take it off, but if you don’t try, you’ll never grow! 








Tip 2: Bringing life to the ordinary

When it comes to transforming ordinary outfits, the key is to know what works for you. This comes with time and lots of trial-and-error. It means taking a broad range of fashion inspiration and experimenting. Sometimes a plain outfit is what the occasion calls for, but there are always ways to have fun. Try pairing everyday items with a statement piece, roll up your sleeves, try a new hairdo or accessorise differently. Fashion is evolutionary and there’s never an end to its exploration process.






Tip 3: Don’t be shy with accessories

When it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more, but who’s going to stop you and say you’ve gone overboard? Do you, and do it proudly - you may even start the next trend! Wear five bags, multiple earrings, bold, bright colours or statement pieces. Whatever you do, wear your clothes and accessories with pride knowing you’ve styled it your way. Be happy with your own creations.









Tip 4: Let your personality shine

My one golden rule is: fashion is the pieces you buy; style is how you carry it. To be stylish you need to find your lane, experiment and refine the looks that work for you. Create a look that’s uniquely yours and show your personality through garments you love and want to wear. Always remember to let what’s within shine bright.


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