A recent initiative between the private and public sector demonstrates how digitisation and mobile payments can be the key to unlocking greater engagement with consumers and everyday recycling.
For Australians, container recycling via reverse vending machines is a new concept. While we’re a nation big on recycling, it was critical for TOMRA – part of the New South Wales Government’s appointed Network Operator JV for the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme – to drive rapid consumer adoption of a new way to think about recycling.  Through our integration into the myTomra App, PayPal is giving Australians a fast, secure and simple way to get their digital refunds.
We know from recent research[1]that two-thirds of Australian smartphones users (64%) do not go anywhere without their mobile deviceAs part of the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme, the partnership between TOMRA and PayPal, enables thousands of NSW consumers to return & recycle eligible beverage containers in exchange for a 10-cent refund at hundreds of reverse vending machines across the state – all via their mobile.
What makes this container deposit scheme so unique is that in addition to cash returns, consumers can choose to receive their refund via an electronic transfer to their registered PayPal account, instantly and securely. In comparison to other recycling schemes the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme provides instant convenient access to refunds, the security of cashless returns and the flexibility and choice to receive refunds via their preferred method.
To receive their digital refund, consumers simply scan the barcode from their myTOMRA mobile app under the barcode reader on the front of the machine and their refund will be transferred into their nominated PayPal account. In addition, consumers can also opt to donate their refund to selected charities or receive a supermarket voucher that can be redeemed for cash or credit.
This partnership is a world-first in offering digital refund solutions for a container deposit scheme of this scale and is a reminder of the increasing presence and consumer demand for mobile across all industries. The beauty of this for the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme is the role mobile is playing in providing further incentive to participate in environmental initiatives.
Australians are looking for both businesses and services to be not just mobile optimised, but mobile first, so that they can transact with ease and convenience. Our 2017 mCommerce Index revealed that 72% of Australian smartphone owners are using their mobiles to make purchases or payments on a mobile device. It is encouraging that the NSW Government alongside TOMRA have taken a mobile centric approach to this world-first program.
It is through the adoption of a mobile first strategy that all enterprises can capitalise on changing consumer consumption and engagement habits. It is promising to see that the simplicity, efficiency and security afforded by PayPal, mobile commerce and reverse vending machines is helping to drive