PayPal Checkout & PayPal Marketing Solutions come to Australia

At PayPal, we’re building solutions for global commerce to help our millions of global consumers and businesses seamlessly connect across all contexts. We recently launched PayPal Checkout  in the US, designed to help drive conversions for businesses and today we’re beginning to roll out PayPal Checkout globally, including in Australia. In addition, after launching PayPal Marketing Solutions in the U.S. late last year, we’re beginning to roll it out in Australia, to help businesses better understand their customers and drive sales.


PayPal Checkout


PayPal Checkout reduces the number of clicks or taps along the path to purchase, and has been shown to drive the highest conversion rates across the industry.  PayPal Checkout includes powerful conversion drivers like One Touch, which enables consumers to check out across millions of businesses without having to enter usernames, passwords, or payment information, once they’ve opted-in. Through One Touch Acquisitionanother feature of PayPal Checkout, shoppers can create accounts and set up payments with a business without having to type in all of their information, which is designed to help increase registration, conversion and repeat purchases.


As always, PayPal Checkout includes features like Buyer Protection and Seller Protection on eligible purchases, the ability to sell across contexts -- like within social media feeds -- as well as across borders, and enables customers to complete a purchase directly on a business’s website.


PayPal Marketing Solutions


Businesses can also enable PayPal Marketing Solutions, to better understand their customers and help drive sales. Smart Incentives, a feature of PayPal Marketing Solutions, enables businesses to engage with PayPal’s 250 million global active customer accounts at the beginning of their shopping journey. With Smart Incentives, businesses can let consumers know at the point of entering a site that they can skip logging in at businesses that have One Touch enabled, get return shipping costs refunded on eligible purchases with Refunded Returns and get purchase protection with PayPal Buyer Protection. Shopper Insights, another feature of PayPal Marketing Solutions, gives businesses aggregated and anonymous insights into PayPal shoppers visiting their site so that they can see where their opportunities are. PayPal Marketing Solutions is now beginning to roll out in Australia.


We are constantly working to build the tools that will help businesses of all sizes enable better experiences for their customers so they can more effectively compete, in turn, fostering a vibrant and thriving retail ecosystem. Learn more about PayPal Checkout and PayPal Marketing Solutions and get started here.

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