Introducing expanded Seller Protection

If something goes wrong with a sale, it shouldn’t impact your bottom line or profitability. Here at PayPal, we understand that you make your sales in good faith, so Seller Protection looks after you if you receive an unauthorised payment or a shipment goes awry.


Seller Protection applies to your eligible sales automatically. You just need to meet a few simple requirements and respond to our requests for information promptly so that we can determine your eligibility and release any held funds to you.


So what is Seller Protection?

PayPal Seller Protection safeguards your business against loss to chargebacks and reversals related to unauthorised transactions and claims that items weren’t received. It applies automatically to PayPal sales, and there’s no limit to the number of payments we’ll protect.


How does it work?

When a claim or chargeback is lodged, we’ll usually place the associated payment on hold in your account until the issue has been resolved. This makes sure the funds are available in case they need to be returned to the buyer.


We’ll then ask you to provide some further information about the transaction, including proof of shipment or compelling evidence that the service was fulfilled. We’ll usually require this information within 7 days of our request – keep an eye on the deadline we give. With this information, we’ll determine if the sale is eligible for Seller Protection and, if it is, we’ll release any held funds back to your PayPal account.


Learn about proof of shipment and compelling evidence requirements on our Seller Protection page.


What’s eligible?

Seller Protection has been recently expanded to now include both tangible and intangible goods. Seller Protection applies to unauthorised payments and transactions reversed due to suspicion of fraud, as well as claims items weren’t received where you can provide proof of shipment or fulfillment.


It’s available when the buyer pays from their PayPal account for:

  • Physical goods (clothes, toys, electronics, car parts, etc.)
  • Services (yoga classes, website design, plumbing repairs, etc.)
  • Tickets (concerts, shows, sport events, etc.)
  • Travel (transport, accommodation, etc.)


Other eligibility requirements apply. Please see our User Agreement for further details.


How do I get Seller Protection?

If you’re selling tangible items and receiving payments with PayPal Checkout, Website Payments Standard or PayPal Invoicing, you’ve already got Seller Protection. It applies automatically to your sales when your buyers log in to their PayPal accounts to pay you. There's extra criteria for businesses selling intangible goods, so get in touch with our sales team on 1800 729 725 to discuss eligibility options.


If you’re using one of our other payment solutions, like Website Payments Pro, Braintree or Payflow, get in touch with our sales team on 1800 729 725 to learn about our other options and see if it makes sense for your business to make the switch.


How do I maximise the benefits of Seller Protection?

When you accept PayPal, not only can you keep your sales protected against loss, you open your business to more than 200 million PayPal customers around the world and can enjoy improved conversion rates. Consider prioritizing PayPal at checkout to give your customers more confidence to shop with you or adding One Touch to improve mobile conversion and maximise the number of transactions covered by Seller Protection.


Learn more about Seller Protection and, for full terms, see our User Agreement.

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