Making mobile innovation more than just a buzz word

Innovation is often touted as an industry buzz word. We hear it at conferences, in workshops and quite a lot in articles posted on LinkedIn. But this isnt another one of those articles preaching about why innovation is important, instead we share two examples of companies that have done it right.


With 48% of Australian consumers using their mobiles to make payments at leads once a week, over the last year we have seen businesses evolve their brands and take the leap towards being truly innovative, mobile-first businesses. Here we share two examples of brands who have transformed their mobile offerings for Australian consumers and look at the reasons why mobile innovation is more than just a new website.  


BP makes petrol mobile

Late last year BP turned the Australian fuel and convenience retailing industry on its head with the launch of the BPMe app. Through partnering with PayPal, the BPMe app allows consumers to simply pay for their fuel at the pump.


Filling up your car is an everyday experience for most Australians and one that is inherently physical, not to mention a task often associated with long queues. However, with the launch of BPMe, users can now preselect the fuel pump they are using, fill up their car, and then confirm and make their payment all from their mobile phones. The need to queue to pay is removed.


BPMe app users receive a streamlined payment experience and the freedom to pay from their car, while those not using the app enjoy reduced in-store queues and quicker access to the pump.


Service NSW makes essential services easy

Australian consumers are using their mobiles more than ever (72%) to make payments and transact online, with Australian businesses reporting 25% of online sales are now taken via mobile. The demand for better mobile experiences is growing and as a result we are seeing a number of essential service providers make mobile innovation a priority.


Just last month, Service NSW launched a transformation of its payments platform through integrating with PayPal for the Service NSW mobile app and website. While consumers could previously pay for their government services online, the integration of PayPal has streamlined the entire process more than one in three NSW adults is a PayPal user.


Whether its paying for car registration, licencing or even renewing a fishing licence, the integration means consumers can process their payments in just a few taps. For users, gone is the need to enter your credit card details and fill in multiple fields.

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