How To “Revenge Travel” and Keep Costs In Check

If you feel the urge to seek “revenge” and travel after the pandemic kept so many stationary and separate for so long, you’re not alone. More than half of respondents to a recent travel survey said they want to book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this year. It reflects changes to travel protocol and restrictions allowing people to travel more freely, however, concerns about inflation and rising costs are giving some people pause.

Travel expert Oneika Raymond, who has visited more than 100 countries and has been travelling since 2021, says that people itching to reconnect with loved ones can get away—they just need to be more strategic about managing expenses.

Oneika Raymond offers travel tips
Travel expert Oneika Raymond travels the world with her family.

After being stuck at home during the pandemic, she ditched her New York City apartment to experience the world with her husband and their young daughter, learning ways to stay cost-conscious on the go. She’s visited Colombia, Italy, Germany, and more, sometimes meeting up with friends and having extended family join her.

“It’s very important to be conscientious of what you and others are spending,” she said, suggesting using bill-splitting tools or apps like PayPal to conduct transactions and track and split expenses. Planning ahead, researching deals and being upfront with fellow travelers about your budget also keeps vacations affordable – while avoiding any awkward discussions about money later on. Whether you’re getting away with a partner, immediate family, or other loved ones, Oneika has tips for your summer trips.

Planning Your Trip  

Where, when, and how you plan to travel are the foremost ways to save money. Being flexible about the destination but firm on the budget is key, as is communicating with fellow travelers in advance about logistics, including how you’ll split expenses.

“A lot of issues stem from mismatched expectations,” said Oneika. “Have an honest discussion from the jump about what your expectations are for the trip and what your budget is. It will help avoid a lot of friction along the way.” For example, Oneika doesn’t drink alcohol, so she makes clear she won’t share those costs.

  • Plan for and communicate about where you prefer to save or splurge so you can make intentional choices throughout your trip without getting blowback from others.
  • Choose trip destinations based on the most affordable airfare and activities – you might be surprised to find a fun, new location. Being flexible about travel dates could yield more savings, especially for airfare and lodging.
  • Earn points on your bookings and travel costs, then spend those rewards—to update your wardrobe, suitcase, or have some nice meals. 
  • If you need an extended schedule that works for you to pay for larger purchases, such as flights or accommodations, Oneika noted that options like PayPal Pay in 4 let you conveniently break purchases into four interest-free payments.

Travel expert Oneika Raymond
Oneika budgets closely to keep travel affordable.


During Your Trip

Group trips provide an opportunity to take advantage of group offerings and logistics, but you’ll need to track shared expenses so they’re accurately settled. For example, when dining with friends, Oneika has found that she can reimburse PayPal friends who handled the bill. “I can go in and see what I owe, or keep track of my spending very easily, and have alerts on my phone or computer,” she said. Plus, with PayPal being available around the globe, it makes it easy for friends and family to settle up when you’re travelling.

  • Assign different group members to pay certain expenses upfront—such as someone who books a tour and another who books shared accommodations—then settle up after.
  • Book larger vans, shuttles, or rental cars and split the cost instead of paying individually for taxis.
  • Ask for group rates for tours where possible to see and experience more together.
  • Keep careful track your transactions, what others owe you, and what you owe, preferably somewhere visible to everyone.
  • Don’t carry too much cash, which can get lost or stolen. Instead, send or request payments digitally via reliable payment services to securely split costs.


After Your Trip

Keep your post-vacation glow, and help fellow travelers do the same, by settling any outstanding payments owed. PayPal is an easy, safe, and reliable way to split payments because of features like simple, quick navigation and fraud monitoring protection. 

The best route toward cost-conscious vacations is to be open-minded about all the ways to enjoy destinations. After all, revenge travel is all about creating distance from a period where no one could get out and about. And wherever you go, with your family and friends “you’re able to bring home to you,” Oneika said.

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