The empowering journeys of female PayPal executives in tech

The technology industry is a dynamic landscape, characterised by rapid innovation and constant change. Within this fast-paced environment, PayPal executives Jennifer Lowry, Strategy and Analytics Manager, and Aarthi Rajagopalan, Senior Consultant for Large Enterprise and Channel Partners, have carved out remarkable career paths in the industry — both boasting decade-long tenures at PayPal.

Jennifer Lowry
Jennifer Lowry

Navigating Career Transitions

Jennifer’s journey commenced with a Computer Engineering degree, followed by seven years in institutional banking before entering the tech industry. This transition marked a significant leap in her career trajectory — one that wasn’t without its challenges.

“Stepping into a new domain required me to navigate unfamiliar territories, adapt to different work cultures and acquire new skills, ultimately leading to new opportunities and growth,” she said.

Aarthi’s career trajectory mirrors Jennifer’s journey, beginning with a background in engineering and computer science. Throughout both of their careers, they have found themselves navigating predominantly male-dominated industries.

The scarcity of female representation “sometimes left me feeling marginalised or overlooked in academic and professional settings,” Jennifer said.

Aarthi added, “it’s not as easy to navigate because you subconsciously feel you won’t be taken as seriously, or your opinion won’t be as valued.” Despite this, they both learnt the importance of confidence and not succumbing to imposter syndrome.

Aarthi Rajagopalan
Aarthi Rajagopalan

The Importance of Mentorship

Beyond personal achievements, Jennifer is dedicated to empowering women and fostering diversity in her professional journey. Leading PayPal’s employee resource group committed to gender equality and gender balance, she champions initiatives to create inclusive environments where all employees can thrive. Aarthi also plays an active role in promoting diversity initiatives and creating supportive spaces for underrepresented individuals.

Aarthi and Jennifer’s commitment to mentorship and allyship extends beyond gender boundaries, emphasising the importance of collaboration and inclusivity across all demographics.

Empowering Other Women Starting Their Careers in STEM

Inspired by the adage “dress for the job you want,” when it comes to career advancement, regardless of whether individuals are after a promotion or considering opportunities elsewhere, it’s important to make strategic moves towards their goals.  

While it can be daunting to work in a male-dominated industry, both Jennifer and Aarthi encourage women to behave as if the world is as it should be, advocating for their worth and breaking down barriers that may hold them back.

As Jennifer said “a little bit of determination and grit goes a long way. Focus on building strong relationships and just be yourself.”

Aarthi echoed this sentiment, saying “STEM may not always be easy, but don’t shy away from putting yourself out there and getting your voice heard. Be your own cheerleader.”

Through their shared experiences and insights, Jennifer and Aarthi exemplify the resilience and determination needed to empower women starting their careers in STEM.

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