PayPal offers tips for smart sales shopping


PayPal’s Consumer Shopping Expert, Jessica Rix
PayPal’s Consumer Shopping Expert, Jessica Rix

The PayPal EOFY Sales Trend Report 2021 revealed that nearly a third of Australians (31%) believe there are more sales on now than two years before, with about a quarter (23%) attributing this to the economic impact of COVID-19.

“With so many sale events now, it is easy to get carried away. Still, it is important to plan and keep a cool head going in. Sales are a great time to buy what you need or try something new, as long as you are spending within your means and love your new purchases," said PayPal’s Consumer Shopping Expert, Jessica Rix, said, 

To get the best out of the sales, Ms. Rix shared some tips and tricks:

  1. Shop with a budget and plan your purchases – give yourself a budget before you embark on a shopping spree and consider the items you really need or want. Make a list and do your best to stick with it. It’s not a bargain if you’re never going to use it.
  2. Do your research and price compare check that you are getting a good price for your purchase and make use of the internet to research the deals around.
  3. Make use of discount coupons – look for discount codes and coupons, which can help you save even more or take the sting out of hefty shipping costs. Honey, for instance, automatically searches for discount codes and applies them to your cart at various retailers.
  4. Check the returns policy – avoid ‘buyer’s remorse’ and give yourself a way out – shop with retailers where you can be assured of a decent returns policy. Paying with PayPal lets you access free return shipping* if you aren’t satisfied with your buy, and you may also be eligible for our Buyer Protection if the product fails to arrive.
  5. Stay safe while shopping – shop with reputable merchants and be cautious in sharing your payment information at checkout.
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