PayPal brings enterprise-level capabilities to its most advanced solution for SMBs and commerce partners in Australia
New features now let SMBs accept Apple Pay®, Google Pay™️, and other alternative payment methods
This is a real game changer for SMBs in Australia, where PayPal is the most used and most trusted online payment method

SYDNEY, 13 March, 2024 – PayPal today announced new features to PayPal Complete Payments (PPCP), its all-in-one platform for small and medium businesses (SMBs), in Australia. The new features include the ability for SMBs to accept Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and other alternative payment methods, while allowing their customers to save payment methods with the PayPal vault and keep their cards up to date with real-time account updater.

PayPal Complete Payments already enables SMBs to accept a range of payments including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal’s BNPL solution, PayPal Pay in 4, which has no additional costs for PayPal merchants. PPCP also enables SMBs to customize the checkout experience to match the look and feel of their brand, all through a single integration.

Simon Banks
Simon Banks

SMBs face a myriad of challenges, from finding new customers to managing cashflow to driving sales. Giving shoppers more choice and flexibility in how they can pay can help turn prospects into customers and help drive checkout and sales. Research shows that 60% of Australians are more likely to make an online purchase if their preferred payment method is offered, while 37% of Australians say they’ve abandoned an online purchase because their preferred payment method was not available.2

“This is a real game changer for SMBs in Australia, where PayPal is the most used3 and most trusted4 online payment method,” said Simon Banks, Managing Director of Australia, PayPal. “Our SMB customers can now do so much more with PayPal. PPCP lets small businesses get access to an extensive suite of tools all with one integration. This comes on top of PayPal’s highly secure platform, our PayPal Pay in 4 BNPL service, and other elements such as fraud, chargeback and seller protections that are available for businesses to access.”

PayPal has integrations with several ecommerce platforms – including Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce – which make it easier for their customers to quickly take advantage of selected PayPal Complete Payments5 new features.

New: More payment choice to help drive checkout completion

Australian SMBs that use PayPal Complete Payments will now be able to accept PayPal, credit and debit cards, buy now pay later (BNPL) solution PayPal Pay in 4, as well as Apple Pay®, Google Pay™️, and alternative payment methods from around the world.

New: The PayPal vault - securely storing payment methods and simplifying checkout

PPCP enables small businesses to allow their customers to securely store their payment methods in the PayPal vault for future purchases. This provides a quick and easy checkout experience for shoppers as their payment details have been securely saved, and helps SMBs reduce card declines, drive conversion, and facilitate repeat buyers. By allowing PayPal to help manage some of a business’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for the storage of financial instruments, SMBs are better able to manage risk and complexity of their businesses.

Customers of small businesses can save multiple payment methods – from PayPal to cards – in the PayPal vault. Once saved, these payment methods will remain fresh via PayPal’s real-time account updater service and network tokens, which automatically updates lost, stolen or expired cards-on-file.

As always – protection is the foundation

To help keep small businesses secure in an environment where the risk of fraud is ever present, PayPal Complete Payments will continue to offer industry-leading Fraud Protection, Chargeback Protection, Dispute Management and Seller Protection, on eligible transactions.

You can learn more about PayPal Complete Payments here.

1 Apple and Apple Pay are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

2 PayPal eCommerce Index 2023 produced by Fifth Quadrant Research.

3 PayPal eCommerce Index 2023 produced by Fifth Quadrant Research. 64% of Australians used PayPal to make a purchase or pay online within the last 6 months, more than any other online payment type.

4 Roy Morgan 2023 Trusted Brand Awards. PayPal is ranked No1 most trusted non-bank financial service in Australia.

5 Not all ecommerce partners listed have integrated all new features at this time.

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